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Ball Bearing Wheels

Nylon wheels with precision ball bearings and double steel hinges for rigidity and smooth, quiet ..

Single Door Spring

Universal single garage door spring - suites most standard single doors 2400 x 2100h, Steeline, C..

End Bearing Plates

3-3/8" shaft offset Includes: 1 - Left hand bearing plate with bearings 1 - Right han..

Solar Panel 24v 20 watts

Dimension of Module 363x529x25 mm Maximum Power ..

Centurion Hinge #2

Plastic hinge number 2, close to track between 2nd and 3rd panel, suitable for Centurion doors on..

Gate End Stop

This gate end stop prevents the sliding gate from over-running the track Rubber travel stops ..

Sliding Gate Guide Roller 140mm

Long white nylon roller for sliding gates Simply attach a length of angle steel to your slidi..

Drum Wheel Wide

This drum helps keep the garage door balanced as it begins to open. Pictured to the top is the 5-..

Gate Guide Bracket

A sliding gate guide roller bracket. This is what the guide rollers mount to, holds the gate in a..

Sliding Gate Guide Roller 60mm

Short white nylon roller for sliding gates Simply attach a length of angle steel to your slid..

Centurion Hinge #1

Centre plastic hinge, suitable for Centurion doors only. ..

Garage Door Hockey Arm

Universal hockey arm for sectional panel garage door. It suits most door brands ..

Drum Wheel Narrow

Cup point set screw installed with red heads. For use with 1" tube shaft Diameter: 120mm ..

Merlin Photo Beams

Safety beam sensors that sense obstruction and stop the door closing before impact. This system i..

Steel Line Center Hinge

To avoid the harsh sounds of metal-on-metal, Steel-Line uses hinges made of specially designed co..